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    Originally Posted by miked1958
    Okay here they are in no paticular order...

    1) Knicks vs Bobcats in final game of NBA Regular Season with 7/8 seed still on the line.

    2) NFL Draft..... We will see what JR pulls off picking dead last. Hey I wouldnt mind the Giants picking last every year. But He always seems to have a knack of finding those players no one expects to become a Star.

    3) Rangers vs Senators in GAME 7 of NHL Playoffs at MSG. Need to finish off this pesky 8 seed.

    4) Devils vs Panthers in GAME 7 of NHL Playoffs....

    There will be alot of switching back and forth tonight from tv station to tv station. and my wife thinks she is going to watch the elimination show on American Idol. LOL
    All those things happening at the same time were great. Except #2. Dallas trading up and getting MO was worth watching...

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    Yesterday went alright I suppose.

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