The Boys Are Back

NYK March On Miami

Brace yourselves, gents. There is a storm brewing with orange and blue lightning in its midst.. The playoffs start here @ knicksonline.com

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To mark this historic upset.

Chorus Of The Underdog

Battle Music Required

A heavy burden is the weight of doubt. Adversity an obstacle as strenuous on the mind as the body. Is the Knicks' battle already lost in futility? Must they look up as they're looked down upon? Is our enemy's pedestal as lofty as it seems?

If so then we have already lost.

But an underdog has far less to lose, yet is propelled by the bounty it can gain. A sense of immortality much as it was in '99.

The underdogs throughout the annals of time have questioned their mettle, and risen despite the weight of their opposition and their doubters.

We are a team. A team reliant on resilience, strength and energy. A team, despite its detractors, possessed of deft skill, experience, tenacity, all of which are amplified by the underdog's flame.

We must not under estimate the gravity of the task which lies before us or the temerity of the ordeal, to which we shall not be found unequal.

Our enemy, the favored victors, fears us in their thought. This we know, and our first blow must be violent and relentless.

Our potency undeniable, it raises the brows of a nation swept by enthusiasm.

The underdogs lurk.

They know that the time to take what is theirs is upon them.

A period of supreme effort lies before them, and they must find it in not only themselves but one another to achieve that which so many deem unachievable.

That's right, I wrote that. Call it corny, but I worship this team's banner, and am deploring each of you to get ****ing amped knicksonline.com!




Game @ Knicks Online.


Heed the Lord of KO's words!

It's that time again! After all the struggle from the past decade, our Knicks are finally competitive again (and not just on paper), having without a doubt their best season since 2000.

Besides that, as Knicks fans, we've always fed ourselves with memories from the past so we know all the stories from the Patrick Ewing era. The similarities of today are too many and it's hard not to make comparisons to '99. Most important thing, we are facing our arch enemy from the underdog position, so get ready for the most exciting matchup of the 2012 first round!

Bow to the First Mate of the good ship KO, ye yeasty codpieces!

This has been a wild season for the Knicks, and my favorite. Melo, Lin, Novak, etc. have all made it an exciting one. There were some pretty bad times, depressing for me even, but the highs were high, and now the team is getting better. It's really something else how deep we got, no one could have predicted our roster.

The Heat have a lot to prove, but we have multiple guys who do great things and are above average NBA players, and an NBA defensive and rebounding center in Chandler - a champion, nonetheless.

I don't expect this to be easy, but Miami is going to be facings stars and depth. I'm confident we can knock them out of the first round.

It's gonna be great talking to my KnicksOnline family during the next chapter in this big ride of a season.



B. Ddd

The point guard position, IMO, is where both teams have cause for concern. In a sense of point guard purity, Davis is the stand out. He's had an illustrious career, and in the Knicks recent win in Atlanta, showed that he's still a player that can play big when the call is sounded.



Perhaps the NY Knicks' most rewarding selection as late as pick 17 as it's had in its colorful history. Heads have been turned throughout the basketball world as Iman has carved his name in to the mind's of analysts and offensive opponents alike with that ridgeback's sense of defense.

For a rookie, to have an entire army of Knick fans relying on you as their best back-court defender is a harrowing prospect. Shump, however, has shown that he has nerves of steel when the pressure mounts, and, as it is said, pressure makes diamonds.
Shine for us, Iman.



Carmelo Anthony. To say that this season has been an emotional roller coaster for our best player would be an understatement far from the mark. Now, after rediscovering his former glory, his moment of truth as the face of the Knicks looms nigh. Melo's offensive arsenal will be put to the test against an elite defense and an elite 1 on 1 defender. He readjusted his approach with impeccable timing, and now faces the ultimate challenge of James and Wade.

@ The


Amar'e Stoudemire. So much rests on the shoulders of our MAX contract PF anomaly. If anything has become apparent in modern basketball, it is that size and defense win series, win championships, win true admiration and awe from fans and peers alike.

Personally, to say that I'm anxious about Amar'e's tendency to be the antithesis of this prototype, his mental standpoint and understanding of how pivotal his role is would be vastly understating the truth. STAT has lost a lot of die hard followers to at least some capacity this year, and he will win them back by stopping penetration and cleaning the windows.

His role has been defined since Melo's come to form, and his weaknesses unquestionably must now be referred to as his most necessary means for the Knicks' success.

@ THE 5

Cpt. CHNDl

The absolute soul of the Knicks. Few can boast his desire, passion and alpha presence. Truly a leader of men, Tyson will be the voice that bellows our war cry as the underdog. I believe I speak for all members of this team when I say that his presence alone carves a mental advantage for New York.

A defensive stalwart and orchestrator, The Man Handler, widely reputed as THE elite team leader defensively in the NBA, he will, as ever, be needed to master his role against the Heat as the only true mismatch in our favor.


L Smith

J Swish!
He is our dark-horse in this series. He's displayed impeccable defensive abilities in his short stint with the Knicks, and it's apparent that Mike Woodson is somewhat enamored by his potential and capabilities on both ends.

An excellent shot creator, Smith's gonna need to be, and remain, hot for this underdog team. He was undeniably the last - and much needed - piece of the Knicks' puzzle coming out of China, and that irrefutable talent and athleticism combo is guaranteed to be a cause for concern in the Heat locker room.

Erratic, sporadic outbursts of offensive flare will not be the doctor's orders alone, defense will be pivotal from our late addition phenomenon, JR Smith, and he has proven that he is worthy of the call. He has a chance to showcase his D against Wade as he plays more minutes in the second half of games as is Woodson's wont.


Defeating The Heat: Prone To Zone

Spoelstra's new offense creates tremendous movement and is absolutely perfect for his personnel. It gets Wade, LeBron and Bosh open in their best spots and more importantly going at the rim where all three are tremendously lethal. It plays to their great baskeball IQ and allows the Heat to run wild in a spread out defense where they can beat every matchup through greatly timed cuts and wonderful movement.

This is one of the better offensive concepts that I have seen in the past few years (second to Phil Jackson's Triangle). This "spread" offense works very well when the defense they are facing is in man, LeBron, Bosh and Wade all must be respected both inside and in the perimeter game. The zone defense allows players to remain more or less in position, their teammates can play proper help defense and contest mid-range jumpers, and collapse to defend the rim.

Who is always in the middle of the Miami human centipede out of you 3?

The zone takes away all the space created by spreading the floor and so grinds the Heat's "spread" to a halt. The ability to play this zone against Spoelstra's personnel is all predicated, as far as I have seen, on the defending team having a solid defender at the rim (I haven't personally seen the Heat play another zone without a premier shot blocker in their midst)