I have to give a lot credit to Spoeltra. He came to the game with a great game plan: deny the ball to Melo at all cost. If he did get the ball, double-team.

Every coach in the NBA knew about Woodson's strategy: every play ran through Melo. Take Melo out of equation, Knicks will lose.

Spoeltra interrupted the flow of offense and won. It was transparent and well-executed by the Heat. By forcing the ball to Melo just made everything worse for Knicks--lots of TOs.

Why didnt Woodson counter with Melo taking the ball from the backcourt? He made no counters at anytime during the game, no backup plans, no answers to the situations developed during the game.

When refs started to make bad calls, instead of keeping a level head and containing the situation, Woodson lost control emotionally, along with his players--a sin for a headcoach during a game.

Knicks scouts or assistant coaches obviously didnt inform Woodson about the possibilities of LeBron flops. Woodson looked totally bewildered. Knicks folded after that. One played that really changed the game and possible the series.

Woodson entered game 1 as if Knicks were the defending champs, with this-is-what-we-are-gonna-do-and-beat-us attitude. If you lost 3 games during regular season to the Heat, wouldnt it make sense to change and have alternate plans?

Even with 3-0 regular season, Spoeltra focused and countered Woodson's plan of attack and total annihilated Knicks.

If D'Antoni couldn't gell Stat and Melo for half the season, what makes Woodson think he can in a few games?

The blowout in game 1 was just a total mental breakdown by a coach. By far the worst loss by Knicks this season, and it couldve come at a worse time.

Evolve or become extinct! I dont expect a playoff vegitated state of mind is capable of turning series around in game 2, nor game 3 or 4. Spoeltra and Heat are just too talented and well-expereienced. But I will be more than happy to eat crow later.