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Kiyaman u gotta get some of what u smoke, I smoke midz or mid level average $25 a half ounce weed

Stat will get toyed with and embarrassed, schooled and retired

Amare would have to come out extremely focused and really challenge himself. I wish Woodson stuck Amare on Blake the whole game against the Clippers, it woulda been good practice for him. You cant let Amare dodge the tough matchups, hes gotta work on his defense if hes gonna be here 3 more years and make 60 milli

high prices evrywhere....Stat receive so much damn rest in the regular season....expect a dominatin-energize Stat to show up for the postseason games. Especially when the Knicks vs Miami series are expected to be the highest-rating in the first round....ABC network
Dont SLEEP on Stat...