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    Originally Posted by BIG APPLE SPORTS
    It has happened before, the Lakers were set up in the early decade to win because the NBA wanted the most popular team to win to increase revenue, the Thunder won't win because their market sucks, if you look in the past, only big market teams win, the refs dont need to be told to favor a team anymore because they know the agenda to follow.Miama NEEDS to win a title, if not then thats potentially hundreds of millions of dollars lost for the league with merchandise, sponsorships, and media coverage.The NBA knows when they can cash in big time and they will alter games just enough for that team to win, i wonder when the knicks are due.
    Then why were the Spurs so succesful

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    Originally Posted by NYCLakerfan
    Then why were the Spurs so succesful
    I said they do it when they know they can cash in, they dont follow a pattern but they know when they have to get their marquee teams championships since if they do at that point in time the NBA will get paid a ton.

    2002 WCF was rigged and the refs even admitted it so who is to say it still doesnt happen.

    Now what happened to us yesterday was more of the refs calling regular season whistles in a playoff game, it wasnt rigged but their whistle favored the Heat.

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