I've been a trainer for 5 years and it could be NBA training staffs aren't as practical for long term stability with their training methods.

Injuries are unfortunate events.. Everyone is bound to suffer from one, we cant avoid them 100%...but these trainers are incompetent.
the NBA season is a grueling one, and the games require a lot of agility and movement where the joints are at risk. Body segments are linked into a kinetic link. If one part injured, the others are affected, as the balance between them is disturbed.

I was the athletic trainer assistant and strength conditioning coach for Manhattan College for two semesters, only had one guy the IR during the entire time.

We worked with efficient agility methods, not too much stretching (just P & F). Stretching too much could lead to injury. Plus it can hinder strength.

Question is, what is the stabilization method of these trainers?

Injuries like that make you wonder what he teams(training staffs) are thinking. They are risking the careers of the players when they cant keep them out of the game for long enough.. Or are they just incompetent?

Now Rose, Shumpert, and formerly guys like Arenas, Carter, T'Mac...all first class talented guys...some of the most exciting athletes we've seen won't be the same players we've known them to be.

Rose and Shumpert's careers will be highly impacted and you see them taking less drives and taking more jumpers when they come.

Those injuries ruin your mentality to the game.

I had a concussion a month ago at boxing, and I went on a 3 week recovery phase with no sparring. The doctor told me 2-3 months, but I have a fight on May 12. I'm a competitive athlete, so I understand Iman's and Derrick's pain.

I wish I can find a connect so I can apply for a position as the Knicks athletic trainer, I really have researched my methods and have gotten results. I can't see why I can't do a better job than Robert Hines. Whats funny is that boxing has less injuries than the NBA, but its a much more physical and dangerous sport. Recovery in boxing is KEY, and some boxers won't even train if they are not 100%. More percussion is needed if you're going to invest so much money into athletes. Thats why the NBA goes bankrupt and will go bankrupt again, its a rich league ran by idiots.