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Until yesterday, there was this notion floating around the media and a lot of fans that Carmelo is a player closer to LeBron than to Tracy McGrady.

I don't think anyone thought Melo was on LeBron's level, but simply that, if you put their faces on a line, you would put Melo's face closer to LeBron's than to McGrady's on that line.

But all this was crushed yesterday. LeBron came in and did the dirty. Carmelo floundered like a fish.

To my mind, this comes down to their off-season work. LeBron, no doubt in my mind, works on his game and his body in the off season. Carmelo looks like he eats donuts.

With such a lax work ethic, I predicate a dramatic drop-off in Carmelo's play over the next few years. As he gets closer to 30 and then crosses that hill, he won't be able to overcome the donut eating.

Guy can still save himself, put some work in, and become a great player.

But the sun is setting fast.

Look, bottom line, this is our team. This team, as it is constructed, is what all the deals and trades were aimed at. I know Lin is out, but Lin might have made that game a 20 point instead of a 33 point laugher.

Knicks got blown the **** out by a team with two legitimate superstars.

Knicks got two fugazy stars.

Real talk.

LBJ and Wade are superstar. Melo and Stats......oh pleaseeee...not even close. Only Melo fan think he is even close to LBJ or Wade level.