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You and Melo epic fail!!! 2 more games and you and Melo can get the f*ck out of the playoff!!! How is Melo's dick taste? 6 playoff games with the Knicks and 6 epic fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude real **** it aint that serious Melo played his ass off, only got 4 minutes of rest what the hell you expect, he's being guarded by one of the best perimeter defenders and boxed in by the best team defense in the league no need to jump on someone after a lost the series is not over and the Heat have a long way to go if anything, you guys think after 2 games you won a ring, its a process something LeBron has never tasted and probably wont this year so cut the bull **** if the Heat win it all you can brag til the start of next season if not you just look ****in stupid actin like a school girl talkin trash on a forum when you wont see that person a day in your life, we dont do that on KO, get wit it or get lost