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    Default The Cold Hard Facts

    This team in its current state will not win a championship, even with "chemistry" with our stars and consistent effort on Defense i feel our team doesn't have the traditional mold of a championship team. We are built to give tougher teams a run for their money or give them one hell of a series but we are far from a Powerhouse in the East.

    Off-Season Moves:

    #1-Trade Amar'e Stoudemire:
    For one we have a PF that cannot score on the elite bigs in the league because he simply needs to be more athletic than them to score. If his contract was not so ludacris in its total amount than i would actually welcome him, but the fact is that he is getting paid more than Andrew Bynum, Lamarcus Aldridge, Mark Gasol, Zach Randolph, Dwight Howard, And Kevin Love to name a few and his production is nowhere near theirs, nor is his efficiency. His defensive lapses and inconsistent offense cannot be relied upon to win 20+ games in the Post-Season.

    On top of that Amare needs to many things to go right in order to succeed against his match up. He needs his match up to be a bigger and slower player and a team that has poor help defense. He cannot post up and cannot rebound against above average rebounding teams, Carmelo Anthony regularly out rebounds him and that's just unacceptable.

    #2-Acquire A Low Post Big:
    Our team cannot consistently play 48 minutes because all of our offense is generated from the perimeter. We have no Big that sucks help down low to allow our shooters easy shots. Amar'e does not force doubles on him down low and this makes help defense and 3 point close outs easier for the other team since they can recover quickly. No Championship team has ever won without a Consistent low post threat, because it is simply impossible, with the lone exception going to be the Heat for obvious reasons and maybe the Thunder. But bottom line is that in order to have a better chance at it, we need to either draft or acquire threw FA or Trade, a Big Man that can score with his back to the basket. We need easy points down low.

    #3-Throw Money At Phil Jakson:
    I know people are behind Woodson but he does not have the championship pedigree nor the coaching know how of Phil Jackson, I believe Woody is a good coach, not great but good. Well we need a Great coach to win unless our team is deep like Dallas was last year or the 04' Pistons. Phil Jackson knows how to get the best out of players and can at least establish us a protege after he retires like Doc Rivers did with Tom Thibodeau. Phil wants to win in NY and i believe that will give him the extra motivation to give it his all while being here. Our team cant afford lesser coaches with the players we have, we need the best and it so happens that the best ever is a FA coach. He will give us 2 years at least and since we are in a win now mindset that is perfect for us since he won't be coming back to rebuild but to win Titles.

    #4-Stock up on Veterans:
    Our team NEEDS productive winning vets in our locker room in order to win. As we have it, our team is full of young players that don't have those veterans in the locker room to turn to. The 08' Celtics, hell any championship team had a bunch of vets on the bench that knew there roles and had past playoff experience. We need some PJ Browns on this team and not Toney Douglas or raw bigmen, that is if we don't want to win a championship NOW. Kirk Hinrich, Andre Miller, Mikki Moore, Marcus Camby, Grant Hill, Joel Przybilla, Boris Diaw, Aaron Gray, Josh Howard, Maurice Evans, Tracy Mcgrady, Eric Dampier, Mickael Pietrus, Antawn Jamison, and Delonte West are all upcoming FA who can greatly add to our team.

    Veterans are great because they are wise enough to not try to do things they know they cannot do and will play in there role and can only add to that aspect of the game that their good at. We can cradle our young core until they're ready and we can have a strongly built locker room to boot. Veterans give insight on what we are doing wrong and are like second coaches on the floor.

    These 4 steps if followed will make us a LEGIT CONTENDER instead of just a "Scary Team" in the playoffs, lets follow the traditional championship mold instead of following Boston and Miami, because between them two there is 1 Championship in the past 4 years, and the grounds to follow this mold is not yet solidified.
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