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    This is not a "Cold Hard Facts" thread....this is a "TRADE-THREAD" after 1 postseason game...

    Shut it down!!!

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    I'm not sure we could trade Amare straight up for Kevin Seraphin.

    I just don't think he is going anywhere. If he was, he'd have been gone by now -- the window of opportunity was earlier in the year, if there ever was a window.

    Thing is, if Amare really goes down the tubes.....with his contract, he will become essentially impossible to trade: we couldn't get a bag of balls from Models for his ass at that point.

    Likely, we get what we currently see out of him, since Melo has been here.

    The opportunity to not be at this point, was right when D'antoni and Dolan rumbled. D'antoni wanted Melo to be traded (who obviously could have been; let's not get into whether that'd have been a good thing, it's a seperate issue). Dolan refused, D'antoni left. Woodson came in.

    Dolan is a fool, but even he knows that w/o Amare and the sliver of hope that he can beast and thrive alongside Melo (as well as the rest of the team), we are just dog meat in today's NBA.

    Amare for some draft picks, cap space, even a really good young player (who we'd never actually get)....would make us 100% screwed against the NBA's elite, vs 90%.

    But ya, we are in the ****ing playoffs, 1 game into a series. We need to chill and just see what happens now and fight hard.

    IMO, the time to really get up in arms about these issues was well before the playoffs, and the pinnacle moment was when D'antoni left.

    Of course, we all just celebrated blindly.

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