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Stop it Kiya. Douglas is horrible and can never seem to understand what's going on in the game. His basketball instincts are bad and we actually made a huge mistake by extending his contract. (money wasted)

nyk_nyk....what is horrible that showed bad instinct of understanding the game is we (Knicks) have been outscored in all 8 quarters vs the Miami Heat....all the combination of lineups headcoach Woody put out on the court fail to outscore the Heat in every quarter of this postseason series.

We have 4 decent double-diget scorers on this Knicks team in "Novak, JR, Melo, and Stat", our PG Davis, Bibby, and Shump could not get our 4 scorers to outscore the Heat in any of the last 8 quarters.
If u dont know how bad it looks to be outscored in 8 straight quarters....
Stat's home is just a couple hour drive away from Miami stadium, Stat committed an act on himself, where he will not be flying back with the team, or be at practice on Tuesday or Wednesday, or play in Thursday game.

Why coach Woody never put Tyson Chandler & Jefferies in the same lineup after their great crunchtime performance within Lin-Sanity 7 game win streak? The two frontcourt players co-exist to gell well for 8 & 10 minute straight in a quarter. Tyson & Jefferies had Shump change all his foolish decision-making while on the court with them, when u look what Tyson/Jefferies leadership did for "Novak & Lin", u should know they couldve done the same for Toney Douglas foolish Dantoni ways.

Now Woody is force to put Tyson & Jefferies in the same lineup with Melo leadership....how it will turnout depends on Melo, after Tyson/Jeff/Douglas outscore the Heat in a quarter???