I pray to God Woodson made the simple adjustment that when the front Melo just flash someone to free throw line and hit Melo back door

The way you beat the Heat is not only ball movement but player movement particularly on the weak side of your best player, this way if we do lob it over the top or hit him back door they cant cheat, Shumpert and JR stood and watch as Melo was crowded instead of going to the open spot, moving their man and freeing up space

I also wanna see Tyson set some screens to get Melo, STAT, JR and Novak open shots because it will result in back door lobs for Tyson

On defense can we run the basic shell defense, with everyone jumping to the ball side, the man on the ball pressuring the rock, keeping everyone in front of you and out the middle, when a shot goes up box out and explode to the rebound, then get the ball to a guard and get great shots