Hawks get the game 1 win over the Celtics, rondo might be suspended in game 2 in Atlanta. Can the Hawks pull the upset?

I thought they had a chance before they won game 1. They lost Horford very early in the season, Joe Johnson was out for a while and they still got 40 wins and had a better record then the Celtics. Gotta give the Hawks alotta credit. When did Zaza Pachulia get hurt?

Bynum F*cked around and got a triple double against the Nuggets. I hope they get swept. Kobe put in work and Gasol wasnt too far from a triple double himself

Im sorta surprised the Magic took game 1, Big Babys been playin like a grown man since Dwight got hurt

Duncan looked young today against the Jazz as he took Al Jefferson to school.

The grizzlies are sh*ttin on the Clippers right now

The thunder barely took game 1, are we underestimating the Mavs?

The Bulls lost Rose but they wont lose the series. They will lose at somepoint, if not to Boston or Atlanta then the Heat will beat them. Thats if the Knicks dont beat the Heat