It's been a while since I posted on here as work has me bogged down but after last night i am breaking my long held silence.

I can't take it anymore. EC Player of the Month, a great April. But we finished this season pretty close to the six seed where we'd be against a pacers team we could beat. Why aren't we there? Because Melo didn't like the coach and quite frankly I'm effing sick of this.

Never before in my life have I seen a Knicks player quit on his teammates, admit he quit on his teammates and then have all forgiven when he actually gave half of a crap on this team. This guy is a nine year vet, but he needs a coach to come in and hold his hand and check on him like a freaking six year old?

This guy is a joke. Say what you want about amare who has not had a great year, he never quit on this team and these fans.

And maybe if Carmelo cared for more than half a year we wouldn't be getting embarrassed by Miami.