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I have 3 things I'd like to point out about last night's game.

Woodson vs. D'antoni - Where was the perimeter defense (yea shump is gone) that was supposed to be instilled by Woodson as the new coach? They played the same way they used to play when D'antoni was coach. It makes me question if D'antoni was the problem or not.
The perimeter defense was good when Lin was on the floor as well..... Had both been healthy, during the 48 minutes, I think at least one of the players should have been on the floor.

Amare - I thought it was ridiculous that they did not try to go to Amare more offensively. Clearly the ISO the Knicks were playing wasn't working at all.
The Heat defend it too well, and Melo is too much of a one-trick pony in that regard. If the opposing "D" isn't so great, he's fine. But the Heat, he must move away from the ball.

Amare looked like his back problems came back....... The only time Amare looked like Amare of old was the first game back from the bulging disc injury.

The problem with the two on the floor together is they're both fours........ (Two fours on the floor only work if they're both good rebounders.) Melo doesn't dish off enough to be a three (he passes well, but he doesn't pass often enough). Amare has his zone for the 12 foot jumper...... And good at finishing the pick-and-roll....... Amare's problem is he needs a good PG to be effective. That only happened when Lin was out there. Unlike Melo, Amare is more of a finisher than a playmaker, but nobody on the Knicks (aside from Lin) can set the table for him.

The Heat didn't even need to double team. They dared Carmelo to shoot and he did it well but Melo himself can't win the game.
The other four players on the floor were spectators. In Melo's defense, the other players were HORRIBLE moving away from the ball. That takes the option away in passing from the post. No back screens, no screens for Melo, no players cutting to the rim. In the NBA, it's a recipe for stagnation.

The Heat, on the other side, the players away from the ball move very well, and off of back screens. This is how players get open looks and open lanes.

They should've changed the game plan up. We all know that the Heat's weakness is their 4-5 position. Why didn't they dump the ball into amare, let him work there.
Due to Amare's lack of quickness (because he's not 100 percent), LeBron would freelance and swat everything Amare would try. LeBron may be the best "off-the-ball" defender in the game right now.

once he get's going and dominate the inside. they will have to start double teaming him, which will open things up for the rest of his teammates including Melo. Amare's defense stats was never there so that's a given but he's offensive skills is there and they need to take advantage of that.
Amare is too passive away from the ball...... He's not really a post-up player. He needs to receive the ball in space, but his lack of movement away from the ball stifles this option.

Why must Melo be the focal point? Why not switch things up like Miami did? Lebron did his thing in Game 1 and in Game 2 you could tell he was deferring to his teammates more a.k.a Wade. That helped keep them unpredictable.
JR Smith had his share of shots...... But not reliable enough.........

With the injuries, Melo has seemingly become the only option.........

Is Melo built for the playoffs? It looks like he needs to dominate the ball to get going. It's probably ok for the regular season but I don't think it works in the playoffs.
You are correct that the variety of play would make Melo's ISO more effective....... The role players need to move better away from the ball, and set more screens for them to get open...... Melo is capable of passing to the open man, if they were to get open.

He's a great scorer and finisher but in the playoffs you have to play the same team multiple times and teams can shut him down. Great one on one player but his team game is suspect.
Mainly because the other players don't move away from the ball........ As if they *expect* Melo to be the individual star.

Let's be honest here. Game two was a terrible game too. No penetration.
Jeremy Lin........ Nobody else on the Knicks is capable................

Just hold the ball until the shot clock is about to expire either find carmelo or shoot it yourself.
That's what happens when players don't move away from the ball, no screens are set, and everybody seems to be well-covered by a defender.

I don't think the Heat are playing that great, I think that the Knicks are just playing bad basketball.
The Knicks played bad basketball in Cleveland....... And now they're paying for it. Had they played good basketball in Cleveland, their first round opponent would have been Indy instead of Miami.

After the season's over, what did the Knicks in was not the Heat, but sleepwalking in Cleveland which resulted in them playing the Heat.