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When Melo was sitting-out with a groin injury....Lin-Sanity save the Knicks by giving us a low post scoring game with Tyson, Jefferies, and the return of Stat, plus Lin gave us inside scoring from Shump, Fields, and even Walker....our 30 3-ball attempts per game decrease to how many 3-balls Novak could shoot in a game.

This is why u guys were callin for Lin's head when Melo return, Lin limited Melo's fga under double-digets. Lin was more confident in passing the ball to Tyson, Stat, Novak, Jefferies, Shump, and Fields, than he was at passin the ball to Melo & JR who always wanted to dribble the ball before they shoot.
Fans started questioning Melo co-existence with the team....Stat & Lin had to get injured so Melo could save-face by being the top scorer.

Recall, when Stat came back (from family situation) Lin would never pass the ball to Stat on the peremeter, Lin would only pass to a slashing Stat or when Stat were 10 ft from the basket.
There is no doubt that Linsanity saved Knicks' season. Without it, MDA would've been gone and we'd be so far down in standing that even Jordan in his prime couldn't do anything.

However, I still don't get the Melo hate. He was amazing in leading the Knicks into post-season. Yes, he needs to take a LOT of shots and he needs to be the focal point of our offense. I don't see anything wrong with that mentality. That's what Kobe does with the Lakers.

For Knicks to be a true contender, we need both Melo and Lin to be on the same page. That's Melo and Lin.