After all the things to want to trade him for, this is it? I could understand it from people who were already unhappy with him, not the others.

He dribbled countless times like he's Derrick Rose and turned the ball over, played bad defense, left Nash hanging in Phoenix and claimed Phoenix didn't appreciate his leadership even though 80 million is not chump change for a guy they're worried about injuries and got out-rebounded by Nash in the Playoffs, designed a Heat t-shirt, looked like he wasn't giving the effort on the court, and whatever else he's done.

Maybe he was mad himself last night and was fired up and is determined, or was, to set things right the next game, I don't know.

I can't find it in me, though it was stupid, to have so much dislike for him because of THIS. I was sooooo frustrated and negative about him early in the season, mainly because of his lack of effort.

So why did this set you off?