Isn't it funny how we heard the same thing last year? To use words from the great Dennis Green, "we mind as well crown they asses then"!

Then DAL went on to win the chip, while providing a blueprint and hope that anything is possible. Granted MIA has a few new pieces, they are beatable.

The question isn't who's better... the question is CAN YOU BEAT THEM?

1. Tyson the man handler. He needs to come alive. If he has the flu, I want to see contagion all over the enemy. Thats the least he could do. Besides that, he must get back to patrolling the paint and rolling to the hoop.

As I stated early in the season, Tyson is a mismatch with most centers on offense. We must get him involved early. Its no mystery why we started looking better after our early struggles- we got Tyson involved early, and he produced while drawing fouls. Before Linsanity; pre-Melo drama; there was TYSON rolling to the basket. Let's not forget that! We shouldn't be "looking" for offense when we have an athletic seven footer in the paint. USE HIM!

2. We all saw what the value of a PG who could a) get in the lane and draw defenders, and b) dish, can do. BD must be able to attack, attack, attack. If he can't early, TD must be inserted to attack. If he can't then JR must attack. The point is, by standing and dribbling without a purpose we are playing into the defenses hands. They must be instructed to use any means to get into the paint or ride the bench.

3. MELO must rise. At the 4, Melo has thrived. His perimeter game cannot be defended by other 4's. He is quick enough to stifle any dribble attempts by opposing 4's. He must rise! At the least he can draw fouls from their bigs. Stop settling for jumpers ala MDA and drive young man.

4. Our defense must be stout. If Jeffries or Jorts is in for STAT (or Melo), we must understand that TYSON is still the big man priority and they cannot rely on him on defense like STAT. They must be a presence. They will be needed to spell Melo at the 4 and Tyson. They must take advantage of this opportunity.

Defense MUST be our priority. Our primary goal should be to stop them. All hands on deck, we need to play defense! The offense will come but we need to defeat them on defense. Make them a jump shooting team. This will lead to breaks, and reduce the pressure on offense.

5. Understand, the problem with a team who closes out on offensive players so hard is that they overcommit. Patience and ball movement overrides this. This ball movement has to be crisp, precise, and purposive. The opportunities will come with this approach and it must be by design so as to be replicated until they relent.

6. Use the crowd. This isn't time for reflection or self-pity. This is not the time for excuses. We are at war, and it's a blessing to be here. Let's not take anything for granted and seize the moment. The crowd should be raucous.

7. Believe.

If you think a team is the best; that they are unbeatable, unstoppable, and flawless. Then you've lost before you get on the court. We can compare who's better Melo or Bron, Tyson or Bosh... all day. It's not who's better, individually or collectively.


Ask MIL or DAL or KOBE... **** ask the NY GIANTS...

the answer is yes. We must believe. Series aren't won in one game. Championships aren't won with one game. Do enough of the right things and let the chips fall where they may.

The Knicks owe it to us, and just like Lin hitting that three against Toronto, we owe it to them to believe.

It can be done.