I know we have a million Amar'e threads already but I can't stress the fact that Amar'e couldn't have done the Knicks a bigger favor than starting a Knicks/Heat brawl. Look at how Isiah Thomas was able to ignite Carmelo Anthony to get suspended for 15 games years ago after that Knicks/Nuggets brawl. Or how Pat Riley 15 years ago was able to advance the Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals due to the NBA suspending half of the Knicks' roster. Or how Robert Horry ruined the Suns' chances of winning a championship when he initiated that brawl in the playoffs.

It might be terrible sportsmanship for Amar'e Stoudemire to start a brawl in that style but had he initiated such a thing he could have caused at least one of the Miami big three to get suspended which would have improved the Knicks' chances of at least making it a competitive series. That is a lot better than a non competitive series in which the Knicks get swept.

It is already unfair that the Knicks are playing a team that would easily win a gold medal in the Olympics. And although many would look at Amar'e and the Knicks as classless for doing that, Amar'e at the end of his NBA career will be remembered for the success he had throughout his career and not as the person that started a brawl in the playoffs. Let's not forget how Robert Horry is remembered for the clutch three's that he had with the Lakers and Spurs and how P.J. Brown is remembered as a guy who had a solid NBA career and as a guy who was the missing piece of a Celtic championship team.