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Can only speak on my behalf: Never liked Lebron from the minute he got drafted in 2003. Just not a fan of his game and I think he's an *******.

There is no elegance in his game, it's all power, power, power. He's like a bulldozer on a basketball court. Even his dunks don't have style imo.

He's a great player and all that, but his game never ever amazed me, unlike Jordan, Kobe or Iverson who play/ed with elegance, finesse and a lot of heart.

Lebron is probably the most naturally talented/physically gifted NBA player of all time, but he can't transfer any kind of emotion or 'wow-moments' to the viewer on TV, completely unlike Michael or Kobe.

I simply don't think his game is pretty, amazing or inspiring.

A machine I can't admire.

If he had Michael's style, Kobe'S footwork or A.I's elusiveness...maybe.

I'm also not a fan of his fake arrogance since joining the Heat. Some guys play with a natural swagger, but Lebron is completely overcompensating and it's totally over the top.

Does that mean we should attack or injure him? Absolutely NOT.
You sound bitter about someone you don't know personally. Step away from the game and understand it's just that.. a game