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I too, like what Woody's done during the regular season, annnnnd I dont see a better headcoach available this offseason. I understand "interim" Woody's decision to give the helm of the offense to Melo & JR to run in a losing postseason series. I dont like it, but I do understand it.

Knicks fans need to get their mind off of Phil Jackson & Sloan, they are executive material headcoach who will not accept a 3rd tier G.M. Grunwald pick of litter FA he signed from the bottom of the market to fill the roster.
4sure.We all know Woody...and the knicks brass are close. And seeing how much of an impact he's made on this team since he's been here....he's earned a shot.Honestly, I don't want Phil...as a knick fan...,I always wanted to destroy his teams...and now he's available ..I'm supposed to jump on his sack...I don think so....maybe if Woodson and company wasnt clicking....then maybe I'll reconsider...but we good now...just need our health