"It is easier to talk about money -- and much easier to talk about sex -- than it is to talk about power. People who have it deny it; people who want it do not want to appear to hunger for it; and people who engage in its machinations do so secretly."

-- Smiley Blanton

Aug 2010-Feb 2011
Carmelo Anthony was the biggest and longest saga in NBA. The Nets wanted Anthony, but Anthony wouldn't take the extension if traded to the Nets or another team other than Knicks. It was Knicks or no extension.

Feb, 2011
Carmelo got his wish and joined the Knicks, even though Knicks had the fewest tradable assets.

Mike D’Antoni wasn’t in favor of the move.The reason was obvious: Anthony is simply not the kind of player who works well in D’Antoni’s floor-spreading, pick-and-roll offense. Knicks already second in the league in offense.

At the time, Stoudemire was second in the league in scoring at 26.1 points per game and Anthony was sixth at 25.2. Stoudemire was thrilled to add Anthony.

Stoudemire on the trade:
"Every team needs a 1, 1A punch, and so with the ways that we both can score .... we're very versatile, so it's hard to guard us."
Stoudemire said he had "no doubt" the All-Star forwards and longtime friends could play together, and said Anthony would handle the move to New York as well as he has.” "It's what he wants. It's what I wanted, to come to New York and play on the big stage,"

Karl George on Billups after the trade:
"I think Chauncey will go down as one ofthe greatest winners," Karl said. "His record of seven or eight conference finals is, I mean, that's incredible. I think that's who he is,that's what he stands for. He brought one of them to us. Last year we had a miserable ending. I think there’re many people, including myself, that will be sad for Chauncey. I know he loves Denver and we love him, but things happen. There's decisions that have to be made."

Karl, with more than 900 wins as an NBA coach, never known to criticize his departure players, even when he buttheaded with Ray Allen. George Karl on Carmelo after the trade:
" Melo is the best offensive player I’ve ever coached, but his defensive focus, his demand of himself, is what frustrated us more than anything."

Carmelo on George Karl’s comment, "WHENTHE GRASS IS CUT THE SNAKES WILL SHOW."

Feb 2012
The Knicks flourished when Jeremy Lin arrived on the scene, winning 10 of 13 games when Linsanity took over the team. Lin became the center of attention and Carmelo was out of the spot light.
J. R. Smith, a close friend and a long-time teammate with Carmelo, signed with Knicks.

Carmelo on co-existence with Lin:
"He fell down from upstairs for us in the situation that we've been looking for a guy to take over that position. But it's going to take a lot of work, but I'm willing to do it, and we've all got to be willing to do it."
“When I get back, Jeremy will have the ball in his hands and I’m playing off that”

As soon as Carmelo came back from a groin injury during Linsanity, D’Antoni started to lose the team.

… It is lost on no one that the Knicks' free-fallcoincides precisely with the return of Anthony. While Anthony was out with a groin injury, the Knicks won 6 of 7 games, including victories over the Los Angeles Lakers and defending champion Dallas Mavericks. With Lin leading D'Antoni's offense, the Knicks played fast and free, spacing the floor, hitting the open man, and even improving defensively.

But the day Anthony returned, the Knicks lost to the struggling New Jersey Nets, starting a sorry stretch that has washed away all the feel-good emotions of Lin's emergence and left them on the verge of missing theplayoffs.

Management, the coaching staff and the players know Anthonyis hurting the offense and in turn, the defensive morale, according to the sources. While D'Antoni's offense calls for Anthony to plant himself on thewing at the 3-point line, he often creeps in to his favorite spot in the floor-- the area between the elbow, the arc and the post. That kills the Knicks' ability to run the high pick-and-roll and ruins the spacing that is so critical to D'Antoni's offense.

"That's at the very core of our problem," one person close to the situation said. "That messes up the fluidity of the offense..."

When Anthony first returned -- and it still appears to be the case -- Lin would bring the ball upcourt and try to run D'Antoni's system.When Anthony would abandon the offense, Lin would not pass him the ball, which irritated Anthony, sources said. So when Lin tried to talk to Anthony on the court, Anthony would turn his back to the point guard and tune him out.
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Carmelo in Feb averaged 2.8 DRB in 31.5 Min/game, lowest in his career.

Mar 2012
Knicks lost 6 straight and accelerated the resignation/firing of D’Antoni.
Carmelo told a confidant he wanted to be traded. D’Antoni resigned/fired the very next day.
Woodson took over. Magically Carmelo started to play good defense.

Apr 2012
Carmelo named Player of the Month in Apriland made Woodson looked like a genius and D’Antoni a goat.

Carmelo exerting influence with the front office by openly stated that he was a big supporter of Woodson and that he wants him back for the 2012-13.

J.R. Smith on Woodson:
"Over and over, (Woodson) keeps showing his confidence in me. I have to step up and make shots. Coach gives confidence to keep shooting no matter how many I miss."

Playoffs 2012
Despite lost Game 1 and losing in Game 2, Woodson still adamant about sticking to his game plan: Lots of isolations for Carmelo and Smith.

Woodson refused using Stoudemire as play options, no designed pick-and-rolls where Stoudemire is most dangerous and received very few touches. Nor Woodson designed any screens to get Novak open. In frustration after Game 2, Stoudemire smashed and cut his hand badly.

Game 2:
Carmelo, 45 min, 26 FGA
Stoudemire, 41 min, 9 FGA
J. R. Smith, 31 min, 11 FGA

In 3 playoff games, Carmelo and Smith accounted for more than 50% of FGA by Knicks. 110/216 (team shot attempts)

From the look of things, Stoudemire, second in the league in scoring before arrival of Carmelo, won’t be in Knicks uniform next season.

Here are some of my questions:

J R Smith in, Woodson in
D’Antoni out, Stat on his way out.
Who is building a team in New York?
This is my house!?

If Carmelo is capable of playing good D under Woodson all of a sudden, was he purposely playing bad D under Karl and D’Antoni, just to make them look like terrible coaches and for his own ulterior motives?

Did Woodson have a secret deal going with Carmelo before D’Antoni resigned/fired?

Does that mean his job is guaranteed for as long as he follows Carmelo’s lead?

Is Carmelo Anthony a devious manipulator?

Far-fetched assumption? Or circumstantial points that way?

“Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledgeis dangerous.”
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