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You need to give it a rest. Who else you going to blame? The basket for not letting the ball in? The ball for not having a mind of its own so that it can somehow get itself in?

When a team's not working, you find the person to blame. If you got no one to blame then why the **** isn't the team playing good? Let me say something I've said a few times, we got a star in melo who is considered a top 10 player. There are a few teams in the playoffs who don't got a star even in the top 20. I'm not blaming melo for being selfish or shooting too much. But you're damn right I'm going to blame him for not winning when he get everything to go his way.

I want the knicks to win, and F*** yeah I'm blaming someone when they don't.
That's incredibly dumb. How old are you??? You're logic is flawed because if that's the case how about blaming someone who had 0 points! Better yet, how about blaming the TEAM for stupid turnovers. While you're at it why not blame Lin and Shump for being injured? lol dumb shiit.

Edit: not saying people can't get blame but to blame a guy just for the sake of blaming someone is stupid.