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Instead of just saying Melo is "too self-centred" can you explain why you feel that way? It's annoying when people just throw out words without backing it up.
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Those damn conspiracy theories are laughable and are equivalent to comic relief.

Who still actually believes that Dantoni knew how to get the most out of this team???? He just didn't. His philosophy wasn't condusive to the player personnel. The majority of people here and paid basketball analysts agree on that.

It's rediculous how many anti Melo threads have popped up all of a sudden. I'm gonna have to start exposing people as fakes on this site.
No need to bring D'Antoni into this thread. He was never the subject of my post. Unless you are just trying to put up a smoke screen.

This is not a post about "blaming Melo." This is about his intentions and his character with references of the past.

It annoys me just as much as it annoys you when someone throw something without backing it.

It annoys me even more when someone threathens to expose others as "fake" if they reply anything against Melo.

The only people who are exposed are the true "Melosexuals."

Unless you can reply intelligently with stats or quotes that refute or explain why Melo had the lowest DRB in Feb or Georage Karl criticism of Melo after he left, you, sir, are the biggest comic in this thread!

No other coach knows more about Camelo than George Karl. He darn coached him for 6 years! Wasn't it a warning sign to the Knicks, when a 1000-win coach, not known to criticize his departing players, said, "....his demand of himself frustrated us...' That's just another euphemism for calling Carmelo SELFISH!!!