On First take today. 45 min mark
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Skip Bayless and Stephen A. debated whether or not Lin was getting a pass for not returning for the playoffs and fueled specualtion the real reason is he's trying to position himself for a new contract and not hinder his chances at garnering more money with bad playoff performances vs a team that made him look bad early in the yr

Skip: said from what he knows about cartilage surgery Lin is getting a pass as it shouldn't take nearly this long to recover. He used himself also as an example and said he also had the same surgery and was running as soon as week later on concrete. He praised Amare for toughening it out and thought Lin would too after weeks of saying almost.

Stephen A:
said he was guilty of giving him a pass as he doesn't like to question peoples injuries because of his own which ended his career.

He said he is now tired of this and Lin should be playing. He said I'm not a doctor or accusing him of exaggerating injuries but he knows it doesn't take this long.

even went as far too say he knows members of the Knicks organization who said they didn't think it would take this long at all. he said he was there 2.5 hrs before game time an watched Lin on the floor working out and said " he looked pretty good to me like he could give you at least 15-20 mins".

Then he dropped the bomb that he felt Lin a restricted FA at the end of the season has went out hurt with America and everyone loving him and the whole Linsanity run he had, out on a high. The Knicks feel pressure under those circumstances to resign him as he played well and made them a lot of money

''So let me sit here and chill because by doing so what I'm ultimately able to do is positioning myself to get a new contract. When we last saw Lin on Miami what happened to him? They didn't even put Bron or Wade on him. Chalmers took him too school.

"If it was someone anyone else we would be asking some questions and it's raising eyebrows

Me personally I never looked at this way or even thought about it until they brought it up and I wanted to gauge everyone's feelings on the matter. I believe if he felt he could play effectively he would be out there. While I don't necessarily agree this is something to consider

Do you guys think Lin is getting a pass while others would be questioned?