The argument that Lin is staying out of the playoffs to avoid Mia is silly because weeks before it was decided who we were going to play in the first round the team announced Lin was out until the second round! And that second round matchup couldve very easily been the Miami Heat because at the time of Lin's injury playoff positioning was far from decided!

Further more, Lin not playing after a knee surgery further hurts his stock more than helps! If I'm a GM I wondering what took him so long to return, is there more to this injury, plus the last few games before his injury he was struggling, then he gets hurt, so in truth he has not stood the test of time and teams are likely to me more apprehensive the less they see him between now and time for Free Agency!

As of right now Lin 20 games or so worth of productive games on his resume to head into Free Agency with, I honestly do not think that will carry much momentum, especially with Deron Williams,Nash, Billups,Andre Miller, Ramon Sessions and Raymond Felton all set to hit the Free Agent market this summer!

I'm selling this B.S. Skip Baseless and Mr. Big Mouth are selling!