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Even the HEAT fan gets it. So called KNICKS fans should be embarrassed. But basketball IQ is not a strong point here at KO.COM. STAT getting a pass because no one was feeding him? How about getting your oversized butt down on the block and getting some boards? How about putting a hand in Bosh's face? And if JR spent his free time in the gym shooting instead of getting tats, he would shoot 200% from the field. MELO matched Bron's output for all you so-called KNICKS fans that say BRON is soooooo much better than MELO, but NOBODY else stepped up. The End.
Yeah I can clearly see that. "Melo shot too much" Amare didn't get enough touches". How many rebounds did Amare end the game with? 4. Can some of the blame be on Amare as well? You are a max contract player and you end the game with 4 rebounds? Basketball is not only about scoring.When the shots aren't falling for you or you aren't getting enough touches, its time for you to look toward other aspects of basketball. Like rebounding and defending. He is too good of a player to get only 4 rebounds. Amare is getting too much of a pass imo. Its not only about scoring, and it seems thats what most of the posters are concerned about.

and lol at jr smith wanting to return.