Alright, I'm going to preface this thread with the heads-up that much like the eve of every other Knicks' last game of the season, I am currently drunk. But still, I am now going to make the case why Mike Woodson should not get the Knicks' head coaching job for the start of next season.

First off, I'd like to go ahead and say that my argument against Woodson has nothing to do with his overall quality as a coach. I think he is a hell of a coach and absolutely should be a head coach in this league. Just not with us.

So, here we go:

1) We need a coach who will figure out to maximize the production of Melo and Amare as a tandem, because, guess what, they're about all we're going to have barring a trade giving our salary cap situation. By maximize I mean that they both need to play like superstars. We're talking 2/5's of the East All-Star team each year. We will not succeed w/o this. How can we do it? I don't know, because I've now seen 2 coaches fail miserably at making this happen. That's why this is reason numero why we need someone else at the helm.

2) We need a coach who believes in Jeremy Lin. Why? Because guess what? Dolan is going to make sure we give what little we have left of the cap to Lin because he is a damn profitable mo fo. Why do I think Woodson doesn't believe in Lin? Look at Lin's minutes after Woodson took over and before Lin got hurt. I know we were still winning, but bottom line is our head coach at the beginning of next season needs to be all in on Lin, because he will be the engine that drives this train.

3) We need a coach who doesn't continue to milk a guy to win regular season games for 2 months that is useless in the playoffs. Woodson should have seen that Novak would be useless in a playoff series with a top defensive team that could neutralize him. You can't base a huge part of your winning strategy around an option that will be a no-show in the playoffs.

4) JR Smith. At some point Woodson should have pulled the plug on him. He never did. Knicks have too much of a history of bringing in guys who are trainwrecks when it matters to have a coach who doesn't know when to say when about a player who is SUPPOSED to contribute.

Well, that's what I got for now. I look forward to your counter-arguments. Go Knicks! 2012-2013!

Addendum: And yes, I do think Patrick Ewing should be our next head coach. We owe him that much and I think he is up to the task.