I agree with ChartFictions opinion about #2

And i half disagree with u about #4, JR Smith wasnt playing too good but Fields was a non factor for the most part in this series. Someone had to take the shots, and Smith can explode like a superstar when he gets hot. Hes a guy that can get close to 30 any given day, the fact that he didnt do this against Miami says something about their defense. But I do believe against most teams, Smith would still be inconsistent but at least get hot in a couple games. We were short on players, someone had to get the minutes and the shots. Smith was really the only other player we had besides Melo that could break a defense down too, even though Miami rarely let that happen. Smith got his sometimes though

#1 is on point assuming Amarknee returns next year....

I also agree about #3, Novak wasnt really worth of minutes against Cryami

Overall I like Woodson, but i gotta be honest and say we'd probably be better off with another coach. Id like to see Woodson stay as an assistant