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    Don't get me wrong, Woodson is not a bad coach at all, but it takes a HOF coach to beat Miami in a series imo. A Popovich or Phil Jackson, maybe Jerry Sloan but that's it.

    Woodson won't cut it next year either.

    If we really play a good regular season and end up fourth we'll play the Heat in the second round and get our ass kicked again with Woody at the helm so what's the point?

    I say hire a HOF coach and let's see where we can go. Melo and Amar'e only have one, maybe two seasons left until they start to fade away.

    It's too late to hire Jackson in 2-3 years.

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    Originally Posted by Real NY Baller
    I'm really interested in hearing your solution to this...and what you think Phil would have done.
    Played Landy or Jorts more....and given TD a few more minutes...
    I get what JR can do but when you see the guy plays
    entire 2nd quarter .....0 rebounds or assists
    entire 3rd quarter ...same
    and most of the 4th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I would think most coaches would at least sit him for 5 minutes and let the player regroup...he just let him keep going and did ZERO!!!!!!!!!!

    how about a freakin rest for jr

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    Landry was getting his shots but he was sucking all year, Jorts is still developing, and TD...well...I don't know what the hell happened to him this year.

    We were hurting, so Woody went with the guys that have been producing for him. I'm sure an off season will remedy this. Giving these same circumstances to any other coach we will still suffer the same results...bumped from the playoffs or probably not even making the playoffs. We really don't know if this team would have played as good under anyone else... But we do see the potential we have least some of us do.

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