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    I would try and gut the entire team (again) with the exception of Tyson and potentially Novak. I'm iffy on Novak as he can only do one trick. Hard to take up a position for that.

    I would then try and rebuild around Tyson. I think a cool strategy would be to get a lot of draft picks and try and draft players from the same school that already have decent chemistry. I'm not sure how the draft looks this year and next year in terms of caliber.

    The goal should be to create a team with chemistry. Tyson can work in any system it seems and is our strongest all around player.

    Melo will never win an NBA finals because he doesn't play team basketball. With that being the case, he has to go.

    Stat is a weak link on the court. Regardless of what his historical averages were, he is physically weak.

    Even Iman who will hopefully have a quick and full recovery will not be as athletic as he was. He too has to go.

    We need quality healthy selfless players that are willing to become part of a cohesive team. I don't think our current roster has players that fit this bill.

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    ^BTW I know they will never implement the above plan because they are committed to this flawed team already. But it is without a doubt the correct move.

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    Step 1: Trade Amare to Magic for Turk & Big baby Davis

    Step 2: Trade Melo to Wizards for Rashard Lewis

    Step 3: Trade Tyson Chandler to Hawks for Pachula & Marvin Williams

    Sign- Future allstar Renaldo Balkman to a 2 yr 20 mill deal

    sign -Sign Future champion 3 point shooter bill walker with MLE

    Sign- Boykins for that Vet min

    -offer Isiah thomas 3 year deal for head coach

    - assistant coach Mike dantoni

    and well be on our way to greatness

    Balkman, Pachula, and big baby come out to madison square garden to dance around and announce that we'll win Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7...

    knicks Lineups

    PG- boykins- plays 48 mins every game
    Sg-bill walker/Rashard Lewis(new position backup SG)
    sf- Hedo turk/Marvin williams
    PF-Balkman/big baby davis
    C-Pachula- 48 mins every game

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    Read this by Dan Devine. Summary of a lot of the stuff you read around here from keeping Woody, trading Amare, JR re-signing, FA chances.

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    MLE on Lin

    Try to resign Fields, Novak, and JR for cheap (doubt any of them resign, Fields might be worth the least of those so hopefully he stays with Lin and can start shooting better again)

    See what we can get for Amare, try to keep it on down low. I bet he stays though.

    Resign Jeffries and Jorts.

    Try to sign Nash for cheap. Bring back Bill Walker for min as well

    The pick is so bad though, late second rounder. Hopefully the Knicks staff tries guys out like mad. Definitely a guard. I've surprisingly been impressed the past 2 years hope they don't let me down on the 3rd

    Sucks there is just not much money to work with these are all pretty obvious and doesn't really get us going next year unless some great chemistry between Lin/Melo/STAT emerges and Melo/STAT rebound better and defend

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    We will go after and sign 1 of these 3 PG's. Nash, Kidd, or Jameer.

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    I am going to try to be realistic

    Bibby (Vet min)
    Harrelson (min)

    Sign and trade


    Smith will want more than 2.5 mil so we need to go after a legit SG who can hit outside shots like a Jodie Meeks type

    Need to sign a backup PG that is known as ball distributor who is quick, nothing special but better than Bibby

    Have Bibby as the 3rd string in case you need outside scoring or if someone goes down he is a solid back up

    Get a PF who can hit outside shots for floor spacing.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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