This year we only have a 2nd rounder, projected to be 44-48th overall. Here our some options.

Maalik Wayns PG Villanova 6'1 205 lbs
projected to go 50th overall on

Im VERY impressed with Maalik Wayns. When I saw that he was projected to go this late I was shocked. He IS a score first PG, BUT he gets guys involved and is a high energy hustle player. He has great passing ability and can get to the rim against anyone, has a 3 pointer that needs improvement but he plays good D, and can drive to the rim and draw defenders. At the very least he can be a Nate Robinson type minus the craziness.

Scott Machado PG IONA
projected to go 49th overall on

Scott Machado is arguabley the best pass first PG going into this extremely deep NBA draft. He has an average shot, Is quick and crafty, can go to the rim and draw defenders, and is always looking to get his team mates involved. His skills kind of remind me of Rajon Rondo. I think Scott Machado would be a perfect first PG off the bench under the right mentor. If we give Scott Machado a year or two under Steve Nash, I wouldn't be surprised if he was ready to be our starter within the next two years.....oh also he's a NY native, born and raised in Queens.