The DENVER NUGGETS starting five:

PG: Ty Lawson (should have been drafted by Knicks in '09 whe NY took J-Hill)
SG: Arron Afflalo (this would be Wilson Chandler)
SF: Danillo Gallinari (was drafted by NYK in '08)
PF: Kenneth Faried (could have been drafted ny NYK last year)
C: Timofey Mozgov (signed by NYK in 2010)

The Bench:

Al Harrington (played in NY 2008-2010)
Corey Brewer (MIN traded to NYK for Anthony Randolph)
Andre Miller (DEN acquired when trading Raymond Felton to POR)

It's simply amazing, isn't it? Practically an entire team filling out one roster that easily could have been playing together on another team's roster, in another city. In all my life, I don't recall such symmetry... never an instance where this has occurred before.

In the playoffs, NBA teams shorten their rotations to about 8 men. Here we have 7 guys that could have been Knicks this year. Holy cow!

Now, to be fair, if we do not pull off that trade w/ DEN (& we take a PG instead of J-Hill, & don't dump JJ to HOU)... what would the current NYK look like?

Instead of Javal McGe, NYK would feature Amar'e Stoudemire. Let's start there. STAT was on the time when trade went down. Also, remove Al Harrington from the picture.

PG: Lawson (or Jennings) is our starting PG. He's backed up by Andre Miller, whom we received in a trade with POR. We can also add... if Melo was dealt to NJ, then it's possible Deron gets dealt to NY. Put I'm doing this with the idea we did nothing at the trade deadline last year.

SG: This is the tricky part. As much as I like Kenneth Faried, and felt he should have been our target, I cannot complain about the Shumpert pick. I still opt for Shumpert, b/c of his perimeter defense & the fact we already have Amar'e & Mozgov. So, NYK start the rookie Shumpert, who is backed up by Corey Brewer & Landry Fields.

SF: Sure, NYK could have just signed Carmelo last Summer. He would be here, along with Danillo Gallinari. BUt we'll leave that out for now. So, Gallinari starts, & he's backed up by Brewer-Fields combo as well.

PF: Amar'e 'the extinguisher' Stoudemire baby. Jared Jeffries probably returns as a free agent last Summer... so he'll be the backup here.

C: Timofey Mozgov. However... If we didn't land Carmelo Anthony via trade, and if we somehow still failed to bring him aboard during the summer via free agency, then NYK would've signed Tyson Chandler. Would Chandler have signed here if no Melo? Who knows.

In other words... our current roster would be:

Lawson (Miller)
Shumpert (Fields)
Gallinari (Brewer)
Amar'e (Jefries)
Mozgov (Harrellson)

And... add to this mix either Carmelo Anthony or both Wilson & Tyson Chandler.

If we went w/ the Chandler twins:

Lawson (Miller)
W-Chandler (Shumpert, Fields)
Gallinari (Brewer)
Amar'e (Jefries)
T-Chandler (Mozgov, Harrellson)

We don't know what this team does in the East... I bet it finishes as the 4-6th seed though... We do know it'sgood enough to force a game-7 against the Lakers!