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Exactly. First off, what kind of "what if comic book" is this thread anyway. More of that "wish we still had Gallo" bs to be sure. First of all, that was Ty Lawson and Andre Miller kicking' up dust, not the former KNICKS. Gallo got shaken and dumped by Kobe, tried a FIFA style flop, got a jumper in his teeth, then scolded by the ref for flopping. Wilson is a non-factor hurt and MOZ is average at best.

Great analysis of our series with Miami. If STAT doesn't make himself unavailable for game 3, its different series. And the rest of the injuries wiped us out.
I'm more upset with losing Ty Lawson. Watched him a lot at UNC, being a DUKE fan, and I cringed when I heard Jordan Hill's name called.

I just find it odd that so many players who could be on the Knicks are actually playing for DEN.

Instead of Hill-Shumpert, we could have taken Lawson-Faried. Stuff liek that. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't have dealt for Carmelo, b/c that's a move you obviously have to make.