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The Nuggets have been my 2nd favorite team for the last 10 years, ever since I moved out here from NY.

I was at the game last night. 18th row. That was fun. Lawson was unstoppable, Corey Brewer was huge off the bench and Faried is non-stop hustle, he shut down Gasol. Gallo was very solid. He is probably that team's best penetrate and dish player. His passing skills are off the chart and I'm surprised D'Antoni didn't use him in the pick-and-roll more often. Mozgov played Bynum very well last night. He actually played better than McGee.

I don't expect the Nuggets to be winning a championship but I would be completely satisfied if they can SOMEHOW beat the Lakers in Game 7. The Nuggets are a better team than the Knicks and are in a better spot going forward.

did we forget that we could've had Deron Williams on the cheap if we passed up Melo and let him wait until the summer? i would've loved that move.