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IF DENVER WINS GAME 7, and Gasol plays poorly again. Given the state of the Lakers, & Kobe's comments about Artest being the only warrior he can rely on...

Might it be possible for a Amar'e - Gasol swap?

Both make 19 mil. Gasol has 2 years left, Stoudemire has 3.

I think Gasol fits better with 'Melo, and STAT w/ Kobe?

NYK don't have alot of wiggle room, but that could be 1 window.

OR, NY could simply be part of a 3-team deal... Amar'e goes to LAK, w/ GASOL going to HOU and KNICKS getting Dragic & Martin? Who knows...
Both are sensible trades. But Dragic could be a problem since he is a restricted FA.

The problem is, will Kobe want Stoudemire, especially Stat said Kobe had "a reputation for being slefish" when he was still with Suns? Not sure how forgiveful and forgetful Kobe can be....