J.R. Smith is said to be leaning toward opting in and staying with the Knicks next season.

He has a $2.5 player option and sent out an ominous tweet about leaving the Knicks on Wednesday night, but back pedaled the next day. Smith hit just 3-of-15 shots in the final loss of the season and caught the ire of many Knicks fans after the game on Twitter. Had Smith been better in the playoffs (he shot just 31.6 percent), opting out might be a viable option, but as it stands now, chances are he's going to take the $2.5 million and return to the Knicks next season.

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Smith leaning toward staying with Knicks

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J.r. Smith said yesterday he was just joking on his Twitter feed Wednesday night and didn’t mean to threaten Knicks fans that he is departing.

In fact, the Post has learned Smith is leaning toward opting into the final year of his contract with the new CBA’s structure for middle class players.

Smith stands to make $2.5 million next season, but his lousy playoff in which he shot 31 percent could lead him to return.

Smith was being attacked on Twitter after his 3 of 15 dud in Game 5’s series-ending loss. Smith tweeted late Wednesday night: “Damn, didn’t know this many people don’t want me in New York. Might just get what you asking for.’’

Yesterday, Smith laughed when asked about the threat.

“A lot of people were talking stuff,’’ Smith said. “ I was just messing, nothing serious.’’

Asked about whether he’d opt-out, which would assure his departure, Smith said he would talk to Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald and his agent Leon Rose.

“The way the economy is working nowadays, I don’t even know,’’ said Smith, who signed with the Knicks in February after a failed stint in China. said. “In my heart I believe I am [worth more than $2.5M]. But you got a look at it from a standpoint of where everyone else is as well.’’

— Marc Berman

Smith is from Freehold, N.J. and sounded like he doesn’t want to move. “Without a doubt, I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else,” Smith said. “It’s the great place to play. This is my home.’’