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I stopped reading after visualizing Fields in a Knicks jersey again sorry, he's a 1-2 mill player. I'll slit my wrist if we give him 5 mill this season
He sure as sh!t hasn't proven he's worth any more than $1.5M, IMO. I am thoroughly disappointed in him for it, too.

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it does, we have a chance to add depth and if Lin knows this and still takes the whole 5mil then what will he be shunned like Melo was
We're talking about 2 entirely different scales and 2 entirely different scenarios there, dude. You could quite easily call his 8 week wonder more meaningful to the team then Melo's player of the month award. Seriously.

I agree that the time to judge, as you said, is upon STAT and Melo just yet, BTW. Next season the guillotine gets raised.