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The Raptors, Mavericks, Trail Blazers, Warriors and Nets are interested in signing Jeremy Lin, sources tell Hoopsworld's Alex Kennedy.

Because Lin is a restricted free agent and his salary is controlled under the "Arenas Provision" in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it's going to be very difficult to pry Lin out of New York. Regardless, expect several teams to "express interest" in Lin as free agency gets closer.

worse part of this is I don't think the knicks can sign and trade Lin either with the way the dictates MLE players can't be S&T'ed anyhow. So there is no consolation prize for losing him. He is a bit overhyped but there are enough flashes of Tony Parker'esque game (and his youth) that even beyond the money he would bring in to MSG NY should gamble and pay for him.

Also not for nothing the Knicks should trade Amare because if they move him for the 150% salary trade room the 5-6 million saved from his salary annually would give the knicks the proper depth Stern was aiming for when he stuffed this current CBA down the leagues throat. Don't forget Stern even made comments about how this CBA would cause teams to suffer if they didn't maximize their cap space. The CBA is based on deals like Melo gets Max, Tyson gets the 15 mil and the rest of the team taking between $8 - $3 million dollar deals.