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Anyway... The LIN situation is quit interesting, on many levels. It's like poker baby (which frightens me b/c our owner -- Dolan -- proved in the 'Melo trade negotiations that he isn't the best bluffer). AND, if the LIN decision boils down to what Jeremy brings in the capacity of MARKETING & SELLABILITY, instead of what he brings on-the-court, in an applied basketball sense... Then I really will puke.

How we handle the PG position this July will determine the fate of thie NYK team... the next 3 years & careers of 'Melo, TC & Amar'e... And how our digestive system (and loved one) will cope from this Sept until 2015.

From LIN's perspective, nobody will blame him for trying to get his. It's not like 'Melo sacrificing GALLO b/c he wants 19 mil a year instead of 16 mil a year. The difference between 2.5 mil over 5 years & the full MLE is 12.5 mil. It's HALF his potential payday. This could/might be his lone payday... why not seek it.

On the other hand, the kid went to harvard so he knows what's up. Not like he'll be hardpressed to make cash after his BBALL career. On top of that, it's not like 12 mil is chump change... It's still like winning the lottery. Not like he'll be turning down 20-40 mil either. AND, playing in NY will mean commercials and all-that offcourt opps that will make up the difference. And LIN will help his case to make cash off the court if he wins, so taking less money is actually investing in himself. Spend money to make money. The bettter the Knicks are, the better for him financially. AND, if he wants to win, he knows helping the Knicks is worth taking less.

The Knicks have the D'anotni factor working in their favor. Nash, Duhon, Felton, Lin al had their speedball bumps b/c of the SSOL style. SO, teams will feel his potential is inflated b/c of the system. Perhaps if woodsen stays, even NYK feel that way. I understand teams wanting to drive up price to force the Knicks into a bad spot... But the Knicks can counter that by chasing Nash or Dragic.

YES, LIN will not have leverage when free agency begins. If we chase Nash & Dragic we force LIN to decide. Sign for half the MLE or go find something someplace else. I personally think it's safer to give the full MLE to Nash. We're not worried about the future, we should focus on the here and now. 2012-2015. NASH is the safe play.

The moment NASH signs somewhere, LIN then has the Knicks over his knee.

Best thing for all parties... LIN & NYK agree quicly to half the MLE. This allows NY to chase Nash still... along with others (Crawford).
Why crawford when is so weak on defense,,,,come one we want winners