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    I havent seen anything on this on the web, u sure that is legit?
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    I think the main problem of why STAT has had a hard time adjusting this year is not Melo, but it's Tyson Chandler. You can clearly see if you watch them both on the floor together, it's Tyson that's usually setting the picks when Melo or Lin are orchestrating, a role that STAT was doing before TC got here. The paint is too crowded with TC setting picks & Melo posting up. STAT has been relegated to floating out on the perimeter & he has not been able to hit his midrange shot this season. As much as I had hoped it would work out with STAT & Melo here, it may be time to trade Amar'e if the Knicks can get back some value.

    I think Melo playing at the 4 is a better formula over the longterm & he seems to be more comfortable in this system at the PF. Because of STAT's contract & injury issues, trading him will be a very tall order. Our only hope is that he comes in next season focused & in better shape & commits himself to playing defense, something he has never been known for in the past. Jeremy Lin will have a hard time pleasing both Melo & STAT next season with enough touches unless 1 of those guys is willing to swallow his pride for the sake of the team.

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    Originally Posted by Almost_famous718
    I believe Amare does have something left, in reality he would still be a 20+ ppg 8 rebound guy if Melo was NOT on the knicks. He may not be as consistent as we was when he first came here to the Knicks, but i still believe he can put up those numbers.

    Me personally i just don't think Melo/Amare tandem fits well, i know they have had their moments where they showed they were capable of working together but on a night after night after night basis i just don't see their games complimenting each other. You throw Lin in the mix and we have 3 guys who thrive with the ball in their hands.

    I mainly want Stat gone because of his uninsured contract and history of injuries, i don't really have anything against him.. sure we all joke around in the Game threads about Amare, but it's his contract thats irks the hell out of me. I rather just build the roster off (LIN, CHANDLER, MELO) that way we have more cap space and capable of putting together a deeper bench, instead of trying to live off VET MIN players for the next 3 years.

    totally agreed,
    the front office should try to find a trade even if you get a poor value player in return. The main thing is cap space at this point... - before it's too damn late.

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