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    Default Give Credit where Credit is due

    The Heat are the best team in the league, they should have won a title last year and they got it this year.

    What does this mean for The Knicks....I see this fueling Melo, Melo is going to be unconscious next year with him being the only player in that 2003 Draft (think that was the year) chosen in the top 5 without a ring!

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    Random thoughts, no segways:

    Miami played a flawless game today, that 3rd quarter was brutal, but incredible to watch.

    As I was saying earlier in the other-series thread, Lebron James has won me over. I think last year was a very humbling experience for him (the ESPN special, the pre-season celebration, the "My life is still better than yours" comment post-finals) and honestly I'm pretty happy for him that he's accomplished this.

    Finally a member of the fab five wins a title, despite doing so in name only.

    Eddy Curry, seriously that fat **** gets a ring? What's the over/under before it appears on ebay?

    Looking forward to seeing what Dan Gilbert has to say about all this.

    Hearing Pat Riley talk about NY in the same way he mentioned LA and MIA when talking about his rings and accomplishments was nice, but I still think he's a massive arseface.

    OKC are seriously going to dominate this league for years to come, their main stars are all 22-23. They're going to be in a little bit of financial mess but it seems like all the players want to play there.

    Durant needs to put on some beef so he doesn't get man-handled in the post, and also defer to someone else on fast breaks (he's simply too tall to dribble in broken play). That's really one of the few weak points in his game.

    I'm really hoping the core of the Knicks watched this, in particular Melo and STAT. STAT could actually learn a lot from the way Bosh played, and Melo could hopefully see how Lebron carried himself when the double teaming came.

    Miami played as an incredibly cohesive unit during this playoffs and saved the best for last, the Knicks absolutely need to watch that ball movement and what players were doing off-the-ball.
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    I initially thought OKC had the upper hand on the HEAT with their big duo of Perkins and Ibaka.... but they were no shows all throughout the series. And please don't get me started on Harden.. he ws absolutely terrible.

    Miami is the team to beat for years to come barring any crazy trade (Dwill and D12 on the same team?).. Luckily for us, on paper at least, we're the second best team behind MIA in the east with Derrick Rose sidelined for most or even the entirety of next season.

    It's gonna be interesting how aspiring and current contenders will try to adjust their respective rosters in order to beat this team.

    Steve Nash and Ray Allen please sign with the Knicks

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