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    I thought only champions or guys who've played at a high level for at least the last 2 years grace the covers of video games. I doubt he'll be on the cover this year. I like Lin, but there are plenty of players who are more deserving, atm. He still has time to prove himself, 3 weeks playing along side other great players is not enough time to accurately assess his skill set.

    I'm still not sure what type of player he would be if we didn't have Stat, Melo, J.R., and Chandler on the team...these players take away a lot of the attention from him. And, we can't forget that he was dropped by a couple of teams before coming here. He is still a work in progress with tremendous potential (that he has yet to meet). We still need to see how he plays after his surgury, will he harden his body with muscle to assist him in absorbing those blows that seems to go along with his style of play? Will he work on his shaky handle? The biggest thing I like about Lin has always been his vision and first step, he's a pass first PG...but that first step might be a bit slow now...this often happens after surgeries to the legs. No one can predict his future, we can only speculate and think positive when dealing with an unknown such as J-Lin.

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    Lin has not earnt the privelege to be on the cover....yet

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    Originally Posted by Meloball
    Lin has not earnt the privelege to be on the cover....yet
    Lin made me give a **** about basketball again, first time since 1999.

    Linsanity, watching that Lakers game, brought the same emotions to my heart that Croatia gave me in the '98 World Cup.

    That's why Lin earned that ****, and why he should be on it over any of these other bums.

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