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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Not gonna happen, he won't sign with the Knicks.

    Get real folks, just another player using the Knicks to raise his stock like Battier, Grant Hill, Nash, Lebum etc.

    If the Celtics win a championship he'll retire in Boston.
    If they lose that series to the Heat he'll end up in South Bitch next year like everyone else.

    It's getting ridiculous, how much more help does Lebron need to win a freaking championship?

    What a loser.
    It really is getting ridiculous. How does a 3 time MVP need so much help to win a chip that he doesn't already have in Wade & Bosh? Wade is a legit Hall of Fame calibre player & Bosh is Allstar level himself. Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers, James Jones, Joel Anthony & Udonis Haslem are all quality role players. Lebron is the most talented player in the NBA by a large margin & talks a great game when things are going well for him & his team. He's great at dancing on the sidelines & getting himself on ESPN highlights with his high flying dunks & flashy passing. What happens when the pressure is on & it's time to put up or shut up? He's been known to crumble under those circumstances. Maybe Steve Nash & Ray Allen will join him on South Beach next season to help him win his championship? Then he can finally go down in history as one of the greatest to ever play the game. /sarcasm

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    Its not Lebron's fault if Rayray wants to go South Beach though

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    It's hard to buy Ray Allen wanting to leave because of some issue with Rondo.

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