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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    The Knicks scouts were not bright in the 2011 draft....Kenneth Faried were suppose to be selected in the top 10 pick (for leading the NCAA in rebounds & blockshots 2 years in a row), not the 18th pick.
    Isaiah Thomas was suppose to be a first round pick, not the last pick of the 2nd round....our ex-GM Isiah Thomas had two big articles in Sports Illustraded & ESPN paper on the speed and diversity style of PG Isaiah Thomas in 2010.
    The two draft picks (Faried & Isaiah) final season in college outweighed Shump & Jorts college & NBA career 3 to 10.

    I was pissed-off last year the day after the 2011 draft....Shump was a 2nd round pick we selected with our 17th pick.
    Faried would of been behind Stat and Melo in the depth charts and would of taken from their minutes. Isiah Thomas in theory was considered too short by many analysis. Plus let's not act like his name alone wouldn't of caused the kid to get undeserved sh*t from us fans cause it would have.

    Shump was a great pick at 17 for a team that needed guards over everything else. The Knicks needed perimeter Defense and they got it.

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    Apart from the Jordan Hill cluster****, our picks have been fairly decent as of late...
    Originally Posted by Knicksin60
    Ignore the Curry, James, Francis, Jalen and Malik Rose deals & Isiah would be one of the top 5 gms .

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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    Apart from the Jordan Hill cluster****, our picks have been fairly decent as of late...
    I don't know man, only 3 of our picks, over the last ten years are still on the team, and where rumored to be shopping fields.We've had 5 top 10 picks since 02, and there all gone, that's horrible IMO.The only decent pick i see is shump, and of course being a knick, he blows out his knee, SMH.

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