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Thread: Tyreke Evans

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    Originally Posted by SSj4Wingzero
    We don't need another ball-dominant combo guard who can't shoot. What we need on this team are shooters who can play defense and be effective without the ball in their hands.

    Someone like Ray Allen, for example, would be ridiculous on our team. Tyreke isn't one of those guys.
    Ray Allen? Yes, please. If Allen comes to Knicks, I would not be sad at all that Novak is (probably) leaving. Ray Allen is like a Novak who can ball control and defend.
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    And Sacramento is using him terribly I might add. They have him playing the SF when he's clearly a 1 guard who can play 2 as well. They're not putting him in a great situation to succeed

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    Originally Posted by fender0577
    I'll take him in a heartbeat, he's better than every guard we have on our team, period.What's not to like?He's still a baby, with tremendous upside, but like someone said earlier, we have no shot at him.
    Don't the Kings pretty much not care about winning, just saving money and tricking taxpayers? They won't sign him because they don't want to pay and only like rookies on their first contract. They suck.

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    tyreke is a ballstopper and a ballhog who is clearly not a fit for this team in the first place, he is talented but he has clearly taken a step down this past season from his rookie year.
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    Tyreke " MINI MELO" Evans has no need on/for this team he is a tweener not enough shot for the 2 not enough vish for the 3 so he can have flashes of brillance or Cancerlo type games where he chucks
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