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    Originally Posted by WNY_Knickfan
    Purely because I can't stand orangeblobmans posts, despite my lack of interest in battling over the years, I need to point out his king bonehead remark that we replaced the loss of Danny G with another Italian... umm, not only Italians names end in vowels bro... my mans Argentinian... but keep laying your wisdom on us, I guess if someone didn't piss my off everytime I visited it wouldn't be KOL
    Italians are a large chunk of Argentina, his last name tells me he is Italian. If you check his wiki, his nationality is listed as Argentinian and Italian.

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    35 year old?!! Add another nurse on standby!

    Nurse: "STAT!"

    Amare: "What?"
    "The problem with Melo is that he dominates, not other teams, his own teammates" - GoKnicks! [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    He seems to favor his right hand way too much, kind of like lin is/was?. PGs need to be balanced, more so than any of the other positions.

    Then again, he would be our 3rd string so I guess he's a good option.

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