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Teams win championships not one player. You can't blame Durant if Harden goes 2-10 for two straight games and Ibaka, Perkins are virtually invisible the entire series.

Durant is averaging 30.2 pts on 55 % shooting in finals.
But look at when those points are:
In Game 1, he poured in 17 of his 36 points in the final quarter, shooting 6-for-10 from the floor.
In Game 2, he scored 16 of his 32 in the fourth, shooting 5-for-9.
In Game 3, he managed only four of his 25 points at crunch time on 2-for-6 shooting.
In Game 4, he only took three shots from the floor in the fourth quarter, converting two, and finished with 28 points overall.
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KD is the go to guy when sh*t hits the fan for the thunder. Say what u want about teams winning championships but u look at all the lakers and bulls championship wins and in crunch time Kobe/MJ got the ball and Kobe/MJ delivered. In game 3 he was in foul trouble so I can let that go but not in game 4.
I would rather have my best player score 0 points in the first 3 quarters then win it for them in 4th than kill it for 3 quarters and choke in the 4th.
I won't judge too harshly bc KD still young so he has a lot of room for improvement but it doesn't change the fact that it should be him leading the way in crunch time not Westbrook.