Pending this bird rights ruling stays in our favour and we resign Lin, Novak, Jeffries & Fields, I think a few things need to happen.

Our biggest need is to strengthen our back court, and if we are being realistic, our Full MLE will be needed to secure a backup PG while our Bi-Annual will be needed to bolster the SG spot.

I really think Nash is a pipe dream at this point, and my preference for backup Pg's would be 1. Miller and 2. Felton, both of these are pretty realistic for the MLE. We really need a solid backup PG and despite what most people think, Douglas had some solid games under Woodson last season.
A PG rotation of Lin - Miller/Felton - Douglas is vastly improved from last year.

Shump will probably take till feb/march to be back to his form and funnily enough I think it is possible for us too become too stacked at the SG position later in the season. Unless Ray Allen is willing to come for the Bi-Annual let's give him a pass. Deshawn Stevenson could be had for that money and provides great defense and above average 3pt shooting. By keeping Fields he can get some minutes at the SG but also share the backup SF duties with Novak.

I really don't think back up center is that big of a need, sure it would be great so grab Camby. But Stat should see some time at center with Chandler on the bench to fully utilise his scoring, Jeffries & Stat can alternate between the PF/C positions when Chandler is sitting.

Either way a lineup of:

Lin - Miller/Felton - Douglas
Stevenson - Smith - Shump - Fields
Melo - Novak - Fields
Amare - Jeffries - Novak
Chandler - Jeffries - JJ

Has us set for a solid run next year.