I don't know how reliable this site is but they have the Knicks top choices as being amongst either OJ Mayo, Jason Terry, or Ray Allen. OJ Mayo probably would be good to have in the long term, however he is restricted. In this new CBA however he could very likely end up only making about 3 million since his production has fallen off. As for Jason Terry if the Mav's let him walk (IE if they get Deron Williams) I would be surprised if he isn't offered more than the 3 Million, then again he is not that much different than Jamal Crawford game wise and he is a $3 million dollar player in this new CBA.

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In all likelihood though signs point to the list just being a combination of smoke screen and covering basis as the Knicks go about trying to get Ray Allen to come to NY (do not underestimate the power of Spike Lee to charm players to come to NY and he is cool with Allen). The article says its between the Heat, Bulls, and Knicks. I think we have one up on the Bulls since next year Rose is gone for the majority of the season. So it comes down to the Heat and the Knicks.

With that said I think the Knicks would be the best move for him. On the heat he would be a lot lower on the depth chart than in NY. Landry could see more minutes at the 3 behind Melo and with Shump out until Jan the majority of minutes at the 2 would be between him and JR. Whereas he would have to play behind Wade/Battier for his minutes.